Thursday, July 20, 2017

First Art and then the Dishes?

20 July 2017

            A housekeeping errand kept me from swimming today.

            Instead, I dove into the Hermitage Foundation Museum, high above the city.  Surrounded by a mountainside park, truly a refuge from the busy streets below. 

The Hermitage

            The building was once a private residence, of much the same style as our apartment: thick walls, massive wall stoves fort, parquet floors.

            On exhibit were works from a private Swiss collection. A magnificent trove of Impressionists, ranging from B for Bonnard to V for Vuillard, displayed in quiet isolation. I’m inspired to use my Caran D’Ache color boxes.

            My newly acquired Swiss Museum pass let me enter for free, but the bookstore did not release me so easily. How can you resist an art book that is cheaper than a sandwich?

            I walked down the hill to complete my errand of obtaining an oiled cloth to cover what I’m using for a kitchen table. I could have walked back and caught the bus, but chose the hiker’s path down the hill. I was rewarded with a view of the city, the lake and the mountains.




            Tomorrow, I will return to my writing and swimming regimen.

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