Friday, August 12, 2016

Monsoon Weather Report

Raincloud as Elephant at Rubin Museum.
     Last May, I took in an exhibit about art representing the meaning of the monsoon for South and Southeast Asia at the Rubin Museum in New York. Having lived with the California drought for the last few years, and missing the dramatic thunderstorms and rains of New England, I relished each wavy, watery curve.
     Yesterday, rain was predicted. As I swam in the morning, I could see the clouds forming and moving from the south. Deliberately I sallied forth downtown without my umbrella. By the time I reached downtown, the sky was dark, and sure enough it began to pour.  I took shelter under the eaves of a church.
     A young man passing by almost succeeded in giving me his umbrella.  I was touched, but remained under the eaves, getting splashed, and soaking my shoes. In 10 minutes it stopped.  It did not rain on the West side of the island, where we live, nor was there lightening and thunder as in the storm of a week or so ago.

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